Hiromi Art works

Hiromi is a Japanese artist.

Kevin Durant

I ‘d lived in San Francisco for about six years until early 2013. I Was a rough Strummer on electric six strings and a Skin Scratcher, Am a founder of clothing brand in Harajuku Tokyo 1999, since around 2017 no longer with that brand. started BAllSKUllDesign©(Ball Skull Design Copyright) at the end of 2017 by myself.

BAllSKUllDesign© means..
HoopBAllthe letter include two lines of the four lines came from my right hand.SKUllcame from Rock/music and the letter include the other two lines of the four lines.Designmeans design.©Copyright, emphasizes Original, my own Works and Ideas.

Currently a Black and Gray Illustrator, a Painter and Dub Nation.

Thank you -H