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Dubs defeat SAS 129-115 in WCF Game 4

my boy kd made 29 points and w😳w 12 rebounds!
驚きのdouble blocks🔥👋🏿🔥😍

the beautiful jump shot made a silence in the Arena.

Congratulations to 😘 kd and mamas on the Finals Bound!

the Finals are coming❣️
Go Dubs! Go kd✊
stay tuned📺👁pounding red Heartkd

5/21/2017 Post:

Dubs defeat SAS 120-108 in WCF Game 3
in 3Q my boy kd on🔥 w👀w and 10 rebounds😳🔥🎧🔥😍

5/19/2017 Post:

Game 3が待ち遠しいですね😃

5/18/2017 Post:

kd働き者😍kd Basketball courts will be everywhere in the world🌎 🌍 🌏

5/17/2017 Post:

Dubs defeat SAS 136-100 in WCF Game 2

5/16/2017 Post:

the WCF Game 2 is coming tomorrow ❣️
Go Dubs! Go kd✊

5/15/2017 Post:

Dubs defeat SAS 113-111 in WCF Game 1

5/14/2017 Post:

Still KD: Episode 4

the Western Conference Finals are coming❣️
Go Dubs! Go kd✊

S.L.C🏔beautiful nature there👀

5/12/2017 Post:

5/11/2017 Post:

Wagon Talk Livestream

W😳W my boy kd has a real one❗️
The 🚌 ⚡️ 😱 🔥…means,
The Bus hit me so hard and 炎上
omg, kd has everything…..
the Western Conference Finals are coming❣️
さて、Dubs vs どちらになるのやら(?_?)

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