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12/17/2017 Post:
Next Game vs LAL 日本時間 12/19 TUE. 12:30PM Tip off!

“We’re back with a new episode of the Parking Lot Chronicles, filmed at Oracle Arena after the Warriors’ win against the Trail Blazers on 12/11. JaVale talks the art of trash talk and post-game playlists with Draymond Green, and gets a visit from PLC super fan and Lit Motors start-up founder Danny Kim (
You never know who’s gonna stop by next on the Parking Lot Chronicles! Keep tuning in for more.”-kd

stay tuned📺

12/15/2017 Post:
Next Game vs LAL 日本時間 12/19 TUE. 12:30PM Tip off!

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑Great!Kd dropped 36 points(trey4),11 rebounds,7 assists,2 blocks, gave away the shoes again and 😗i’m so jealous(・ε・`)

kd like “Do you want me to kiss your “boo boo?””

Popular Guy


12/12/2017 Post:
Next Game vs DAL 日本時間 12/15 FRI. 12:30PM Tip off!

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑Great!Kd dropped 28 points,9 rebounds,5 assists,3 blocks, and gave away the shoes😊🐸🎁👦🏻


12/11/2017 Post:
明日の試合 vs POR 日本時間 12/12 TUE. 12:30PM Tip off!

Nice Squat Shot! i mean #squad. #GoDubs✊

12/9/2017 Post:
Next Game vs POR 日本時間 12/12 TUE. 12:30PM Tip off!

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑Great!Kd dropped 36 points,10 rebounds,7 assists,5 blocks,1 Steal and never dropped shoe😊🐸

✋🏿Super Defense✋🏿

undefeated (6-0) お疲れ様でしたԅ( ˘ω˘ԅ)
Have a safe flight back Home ✈️

12/7/2017 Post:
Next Game vs DET 日本時間 12/9 SAT. 9:00AM Tip off!

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑Great!Kd dropped 35 points,11 rebounds,10 assists,2 blocks, and 2 times shoe

KD lost shoe counter starts again😬
and forced the Warriors to call a timeout😳
love the shoes colors😊 make shoe laces tighter👀kd

12/6/2017 Post:
明日の試合 vs CHA 日本時間 12/7 THU. 10:00AM Tip off!

“The Parking Lot Chronicles are back, coming at you from the Oracle Arena after playing the Kings on 11/27. Back by popular demand is Nick Young, who schools JaVale on what it means to be “his” rookie, plus the actual rook Jordan Bell dishes on his first season with the Warriors. JaVale also surprises an old friend with a gift of a lifetime from Enchroma
Who should be JaVale’s next guest? Leave a note in the comments!
Executive Producers: JaVale McGee & Aloni Ford in conjunction with Thirty Five Media
Subscribe for more:“-kd
上ビデオに登場するのは色覚補正メガネ エンクロマというらしいです。

12/5/2017 Post:
Next Game vs CHA 日本時間 12/7 THU. 10:00AM Tip off!

i pray for McCaw and Curry’s speedy recovery🙏

kd dropped 19 points,7 rebounds,5 assists,1 block,2 steals


12/4/2017 Post:
明日の試合 vs NOP 日本時間 12/5 MON. 10:00AM Tip off!

New👟 👟 i like the colors👀

kd dropped 24 points,3 rebounds,7 assists,1 steal

from the …. 👀

12/3/2017 Post:
Next Game vs MIA 日本時間 12/4 MON. 9:00AM Tip off!

( ˘ ³˘)っ❤️🍵🐸Kevin,怪我お大事に。


kd dropped 25 points,2 rebounds,7 assists,4 blocks


12/1/2017 Post:



明日の試合 vs ORL 日本時間 12/2 SAT. 9:00AM Tip off!

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