Channel kd 12 2/2

“Channel kd 12 2/2″は12月号19日からの投稿です。

8 v 24

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(☝️ ՞ਊ ՞)☝️headerとしてKobes & KDを置いておきますthis photo💘

12/31/2017 Post:
Dubsの試合初めはvs DAL 日本時間 1/4 THU. 10:30AM Tip off!

Curry復帰戦で3pts.大ヒット10本とTwitterを見てもCurry一色だったのですが、Draytec2=1Q前半早々退場の中、kdの9 assistsと、しっかり20得点kdヾ(・ω・ ) dropped 20 points(Trey 2),5 rebounds,9 assists,1 Block,1 Steal

!!!Happy New Year!!!

stay tuned📺

12/30/2017 Post:
明日 vs MEM 日本時間 12/31 SUN. 10:30AM Tip off!

kdヾ(・ω・ ) dropped 27 points(Trey 4),4 rebounds,6 assists

kd, 3 points and one!途中、足首痛めてましたが、最後までplayしました。明日も試合があります。ちょっと心配ですねぇ😑

12/28/2017 Post:
Next Game vs CHA 日本時間 12/30 SAT. 12:30PM Tip off!

kdヾ(・ω・ ) dropped 21 points,6 rebounds,4 assists,3 blocks #DPOY

Kevin,What’s going on over there?(・ε・`)

12/26/2017 Post:
Next Game vs UTA 日本時間 12/28 THU. 12:30PM Tip off!

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑Great! kd #DPOY Very Merry Christmas Win🎁

kd like this is my HOME👋🏾bye


stay tuned📺

12/25/2017 Post:
明日の試合 vs CLE 日本時間 12/26 TUE. 5:00AM⏰ 🌅 Tip off!

“Happy Holidays! We’re back with another episode of the Parking Lot Chronicles, filmed at the Oracle Arena after the Warriors’ victory over the Mavs on 12/14.

JaVale chats with fellow teammate Quinn Cook; says “hi” to Hai Lam, Warriors superfan and League of Legends master; accepts a fundraising challenge from Kick’n It founder Chris “COSeezy” Strachan; and surprises a bunch of Dubs fans with free swag for the holidays. And keep an eye out for a bunch of surprise guest drop-ins!

Thanks for the love this year and keep tuning in for even more episodes in 2018! Which guests are on your holiday wish-lists?

Executive Producers: JaVale McGee & Aloni Ford in conjunction with Thirty Five Media
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12/24/2017 Post:
Next Game vs CLE 日本時間 12/26 TUE. 5:00AM⏰ 🌅 Tip off!

kdヾ(・ω・ ) dropped 18 points,6 rebounds,1 assists,2 blocks,2 Steals #DPOY

12/23/2017 Post:
明日の試合 vs DEN 日本時間 12/24 SUN. 10:30AM Tip off!

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑Great! kd, dropped 33 points(trey3),7 rebounds,7 assists,4 blocks,2 Steals #DPOY

気合を入れていると解釈しましょう😂😁hehehehe…actually,i said that word, too..when i was watching the game,excuse me😛

The Bay of Giving / KD at Larkin Street Youth Services & Oakland Elizabeth House

We put together an afternoon of surprises for some folks in the Bay! Got to meet everyone at Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco and made my second visit to Oakland Elizabeth House. It was a really special day for me.

Thank you to my friends at Alaska Airlines for supplying care packages for the day and for helping us give out the gifts. This is just the start of us doing good things together for the Bay Area community.

Subscribe to my channel here:“-kd

12/21/2017 Post:
Next Game vs LAL 日本時間 12/23 SAT. 12:30PM Tip off!

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑yess! kd, dropped 22 points(trey2),8 rebounds,2 assists,2 blocks

kd, Ouch😬 Blockで相手の爪が当たったのだろうか😨

McGee…i’m so jealous(・ε・`)😂😂😂

🎅🏿🎁Happy Holidays🎄

12/19/2017 Post:
Next Game vs MEM 日本時間 12/21 THU. 12:30PM Tip off!

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑Great!Kd dropped 36 points(trey4),11 rebounds,8 assists,3 blocks,1 Steal


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