Channel kd 11 1/2

“Channel kd 11 1/2″は11月号前半11/15/2017までの投稿です。2号に分けました。

11/15/2017 Post:
next game vs BOS 日本時間 11/17 FRI. 10:00AM Tip off!

今や、people’s and warm up routine😂 my favorit,too😍

kd,なんとassistに専念しながら、notrey noproblem 21points.

11/11/2017 Post:
next game vs ORL 日本時間 11/14 TUE. 12:30PM Tip off!

and 2 Blocks / 2 Steals / 3 Splash

スキップしているa drunk dudeって?😂😂😂

kd、怒るとPlayに力が入り、得点率が上がるようなので😂trash talk双方Tec.そんなことでfoulにしてほしくないというのが見ている私の正直な感想です。

“The Parking Lot Chronicles return, coming at you on a rainy night in Oakland after the 11/8 win against the Timberwolves. Klay Thompson and Bay Area legend E-40 stop by, plus special guest Arthur Renowitzky tells his story and talks about his Life Goes On Foundation (
Who do you wanna see on the next episode? Leave JaVale a note in the comments!”-kd
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11/11/2017 Post:
next game vs PHI 日本時間 11/12 SUN. 10:30AM Tip off!



11/9/2017 Post:
next game vs PHI 日本時間 11/12 SUN. 10:30AM Tip off!

kd,左大腿部打撲傷(挫傷)のため本日のvs MIN試合は欠場となりました。



Take care Kevin お大事に。

11/7/2017 Post:
next game vs MIN 日本時間 11/9 THU. 12:30PM Tip off!


☝️kd & Dubs look hungry, welcome to the jungle状態?
ほら、kdは木にも生息しているらしいぞ☟ 😂 😂 😂

kd, 21 Points(a trey) / 8 Rebounds / 6 Assists / 3 Blocks / a steal

11/6/2017 Post:
next game vs MIA 日本時間 11/7 TUE. 12:30PM Tip off!

kd, 25 Points(trey4) / 7 Rebounds / 7 Assists / 2 Blocks


11/3/2017 Post:
next game vs DEN 日本時間 11/5 SUN. 10:00AM tip off.

kd, 24 Points(trey2) / 8 Rebounds / 5 Assists / 3 Blocks

i don’t know what she said, just tried to put a captione on😛

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