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10/16/2018 Post:
Opening Game
Dubs vs OKC 日本時間 10/17 WED. 11:30AM Tip off!

my K🐸D☕️とても丁寧な受け答えだと思います。💯😌

stay tuned 📺

10/15/2018 Post:


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Nike tech and vintage T’s. It’s the only way 😁

Kevin Durantさん(@easymoneysniper)がシェアした投稿 –

das Tor Foto 😳”💖

10/13/2018 Post:

Today’s game、my K🐸D☕️お休み😐

10/12/2018 Post:
Next Game
Dubs vs LAL 日本時間 10/13 SAT. 11:30AM Tip off!



10/10/2018 Post:

Next Game
Dubs vs LAL 日本時間 10/11 THU. 11:30AM Tip off!

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It’s go time #DubNation

Golden State Warriorsさん(@warriors)がシェアした投稿 –

Time to roar🐆

at the court lost Shoe counter starts again👀but he puts shoe back so quick like as wearing a sock. I’d like to tap the nic like her.

10/8/2018 Post:

Next Game at Home
Dubs vs PHX 日本時間 10/9 Tue. 11:30AM Tip off!

Shoe World War in Dubs😬

my boy Kevin looks like Mojio from mojimoji-kun in this video😂😂😂

3 steph👌