Hari illustrated

is a Japanese artist. She does black and gray illustrations, graphic designs. Her hometown, Chiba is next Tokyo but She had lived Tokyo for a long time. At that time she was playing guitar in a Punk Band for 8 years, and working at the Rockshop for more than decade in Harajuku, Tokyo. She started the Clothing Brand Deviluse at the Shop in 1999 but the shop closed in early 2003 and she could not keep it for some reasons. Her two acquaintances picked it back up in that time. And she drew lots of designs for the brand until the half of 2017.

I ‘d lived in San Francisco for about six years until the end of Feb.2013. I Was a rough Strummer on electric six strings and a Skin Scratcher, Am a founder of Deviluse Clothing in 1999, but I don’t draw for that clothing brand any longer. started BAllSKUll Design means Basketball x Skull at the end of 2017 by myself. Currently a Black and Gray Illustrator, a Graphic Designer, Dub Nation.

Tools are Papers, Pencils, Charcoals, Oil-Pastels, Pens and Computer.

Thank you very much. -H